Comfortable living can be integrated into large buildings

The smart system offers the highest living comfort, and it can also be integrated into large buildings, offices and hotels. The system controls shading, heating, access to buildings, security and much more. We will find the best solution for your needs; we can combine different technologies to form one unit, ensuring their perfect cooperation.

We offer building automation from A to Z. We use high-quality components from renowned brands that guarantee the reliability and smooth functioning of all technologies in the building. Don’t get distracted by necessary everyday chores, put your time and energy into your work. A smart system will do the rest for you. It controls security, heating, air conditioning, lighting, shading systems, ventilation, CCTV systems, audio and video systems, intercom systems and much more. This helper will save you lots of time, ensuring smooth and comfortable running of the building that everyone will appreciate. The system is designed to save energy consumption and your time.


Control everything remotely

All the systems work together and can be controlled remotely throughout the complex, as well as within the global network of branches. An extensive database on statistics and the usability of individual systems provides the necessary information for decision-making processes and planning, resource allocation, organization of the work environment and personnel issues. You control everything comfortably on a touch panel, tablet or phone.

All connected electronic devices and functions that you can control will be displayed on this device of your choice. You simply choose the required action, click on it, and you’re done. The magic of this system is that you can control a room or an entire building remotely. It allows you to easily check on employees or visitors via the CCTV system, regulate the temperature in each room, turn off the lights, or check your energy consumption. You can simply do anything.




Users aren’t aware of a good system in a properly functioning building, because everything works automatically, but also comfortably and safely, from the user’s point of view.

Satisfied office tenants extend their leases. Customers spend whole weekends in shopping centres. Comfortable buildings result in higher income from the rental of offices and shopping centres.

Satisfied tenants

  • a safe, quality and comfortable control system
  • office tenants extend their leases
  • comfortable buildings result in higher rental income




You can effectively control lighting circuits, air conditioning and heating and monitor your energy consumption from one dispatch station, PC or even a mobile terminal.

You control up to 80% of the building’s energy consumption and use precise data to prevent waste without limiting the comfort of visitors.

Low energy consumption

  • control from a dispatch station, PC or mobile terminal
  • lighting, air conditioning and heating control
  • energy consumption monitoring




Get a quality tool that ensures comfortable and energy-efficient operation of modern buildings, taking into account the rapidly changing demands of users.

Building automation systems are included in the project documentation of new buildings and significantly help these buildings obtain sustainable building certification such as LEED or BREEAM.


Sustainable building certification

  • ensuring comfortable and energy-efficient operation of modern buildings
  • obtaining sustainable building certification LEED or BREEAM



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