Access control system

Complete control over who has access to your home

You are in complete control of who can enter your building, whether they are family members, friends or employees. Each user can be assigned his own access. Some users, such as children, will not be able to change technology settings or create new users that can enter the house. You can assign time and calendar restrictions to each user in the access system. The security access system is very sophisticated. It connects the alarm to smart locks and your mobile phone. This means you can lock or unlock doors without keys with a mobile phone, NFC Code or NFC key fob. You will only have a regular key as a backup in case of malfunctions or power failure. Smart locks can also be used on garage doors. Special sensors can scan windows, send notifications to the owner or automatically inform the security service.






The intercom system is equipped with a camera, speaker and microphone. When your bell rings, you can see and hear everything that’s happening at your front door. You can communicate with your visitors and let them in. You don’t even have to stop the work you are doing, you just need to have your phone so you can receive a notification. You can do so from anywhere, and you can also look back to see who was ringing your doorbell.


Advantages of an Intercom system

  • The Intercom system is equipped with a camera, speaker and microphone
  • immediate communicate with your visitor
  • automatic notifications on your phone




NFC CODE TOUCH – Are you going on holiday and your neighbour is going to water your plants? You can create access code numbers in the application and assign a different code to each user. This is a great solution for temporary access, where you can also specify the time of entry and determine the rooms the user can enter. You can also create code numbers and assign different functions to them. One code can activate the security system, and another can open the entrance gate.

NFC KEY FOB – a key fob or tag is another possible alternative to a regular key and code numbers. You can replace regular keys with a small, elegant pendant. If you lose it, you can simply erase it from the system.


Keyless access with a code number

  • create access codes in the app
  • temporary access with specified times and rooms
  • code numbers for security activation




You can set an automatic lock for a specific time. You no longer have to wonder whether you locked the front door in the evening, simply set the door to be locked at the same time every day.


No need to manually lock the door in the evening

  • automatic locking at the set time
  • automatic locking can be set according to your requirements




The app shows you who’s at the door and allows you to communicate with him.


A smart app that allows contactless communication

  • an app allowing contactless communication




If you have your phone with you, you will receive a notification that someone is ringing your doorbell even when you’re in the garden or at work. You can also look back in the app to see who rang your doorbell earlier.


See who’s at the door right away

  • Automatic notification
  • look back to see who rang your doorbell




In addition to standard remote control of the entrance gate and garage door motor, a smart home shows you if the gate or garage is closed in your application. The freely configurable interface also allows you to connect remote opening of the gate or garage door. Your home can detect how far you are from your property and open and close your gate and garage door at the right moment. As you approach your home, the outdoor lights will turn on when you open the gate.

Contactless gate and garage control

  • automatic entrance gate and garage door control
  • monitor everything in the app
  • remote control of gate and garage door


The wireless battery-operated window and door contact sensor can detect open windows and doors in your home. Your home will send a voice message or notification to your phone if the windows are still open after dark or when you leave. Your alarm will immediately inform you of open windows or doors, wherever you are. It not only ensures your safety it also saves energy costs. As soon as the system detects an open window, the heating in the room is automatically lowered.


Your home communicates with you

  • wireless battery-powered system
  • automatic notification of open windows or doors
  • safety and saved energy costs
  • when the system detects an open window, the heating in the room is automatically lowered



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