Contract management



The Contract module makes records of the time that employees, external personnel or part-timers spend on individual contracts/projects and their parts.

Projects can be planned with time-limited validity, and workers can register their activities during the validity period. If several people take part in the same job, their manager can enter the beginning and end of the work for all of them.

Each job may contain different activities or places of fulfilment for which the time can be recorded. An overview of performance is available for a continuous review, which can be used as a basis for billing, invoicing, and payments in other systems.

You can plan and record the time worked on contracts, projects or grants. All this in a mobile app.

  • records of contracts, service, projects and other activities
  • monitoring costs and drawing up documents for invoicing
  • suitable for manufacturing and services
  • each contract can contain multiple items
  • employees or their managers can record working times
  • clear review of the ongoing fulfilment status
  • data export to various formats

Module properties

  • field worker login and logout
  • easy control from a mobile app
  • geolocation of workers after login
  • option to create overview reports
  • data export to information systems


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