With a smart system in commercial spaces, you will be able to control all lighting zones remotely in a clear and intuitive user interface, as well as use automatic functions.
It is almost impossible to comfortably control the lighting with classic wiring in large buildings. With a control system, easy operation is key, primarily through switches on the walls that are always within reach and that we’ve become accustomed to for switching lights on. In addition to an on and off function, the switches are also set to switch between lighting scenes saved by the user. The lighting scenes can be set up in the control application. The system also includes automatic functions for turning lighting circuits on and off, e.g. in departure or arrival mode, time functions and simulation of presence during absence, or when a fire alarm goes off.

Lighting scene control via an application

  • ability to control all lighting zones remotely in commercial spaces
  • easy operation is the priority with a control system
  • automatic function for switching light circuits on and off
  • presence simulation during absence
  • setting off a fire alarm


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