Remote control and monitoring

Control and monitoring

The programme is designed for monitoring, controlling and managing individual systems in meeting rooms, classrooms, lecture and video conference rooms, and hotel rooms.




Automatic events, such as switching off the controlled systems after working hours, can be set for individual rooms or the entire building. Problems can be prevented before they happen by scheduling specific times for preventive inspections of equipment. The system will automatically prepare a meeting room based on information about the scheduled meeting, set the desired temperature in the room, and turn on the lights and the necessary AV equipment. After the meeting or working hours end, the system turns everything off. It can also send a message to a chosen group of recipients based on certain events.

Meeting scheduling controlled by an automated system

  • controlled systems are switched off after working hours
  • lighting control by a presence detector




The system also plans the occupancy of conference and other rooms.  This allows you to conveniently book the rooms based on information about location, capacity and technical equipment. You can view it in user Outlook accounts or on the touch panel of individual rooms. Room occupancy is automatically synchronized both in Outlook accounts and on touch panels. If no one shows up for the meeting, the system automatically frees the room and the touch panel shows that the room is available.

Automatic synchronization in Outlook accounts

  • planning the occupancy of conference and other rooms.
  • room occupancy is automatically synchronized in Outlook accounts
  • the system automatically frees the room on the touch panel



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