Plugs and meters

Meters show your current consumption and expenses

Energy management is essential for a smart home. Meters show your current consumption and expenses.
A smart plug allows you to remotely turn a device on or off. Check the energy consumption and receive notifications of a device’s improper functioning. This will allow you to respond immediately and disconnect the device from the power supply.


A smart socket is a device that turns ordinary appliances into a smart home. It saves your time and your money. A straightforward app allows you to make the control of home devices and appliances more efficient. You no longer have to wonder whether you left your iron or stove on; now you can look forward to freshly made coffee, or a preheated oven, when you get home from work. With a smart plug you manage your home according to your rules.

  • Easy control in an app
  • When set correctly, appliances turn on and off at the right time
  • Connection via WI-FI, Bluetooth and other protocols
  • Smart plugs are usually compatible with virtual assistants, so they can also be controlled by voice command

Advantages of smart plugs

You can also find value-added smart plugs on the smart plug market.

  • smart plug with a USB port – for direct charging of another device
  • Wi-Fi socket with a thermostat – to regulate or maintain the ideal temperature
  • smart socket that measures energy consumption – it can display current values as well as monitor total consumption, or consumption over a certain time.


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