Biometric sensors


Biometric points, attendance devices and eletronic time clocks

What is this? It is a wall-mounted device that scans fingerprints, cards or chips. When an employee comes to work in the morning, he puts his finger, chip or card on the attendance device and records his arrival, all within a few seconds. The process is the same when employees leave work. This makes it possible to record business trips, breaks, visits to the doctor and lots more. The attendance device sends this information to an app, where it is further processed and creates a personal report for each employee, quickly, simply and, most importantly, ACCURATELY. Now you won’t miss any late arrivals or extended breaks.

Personal identification within a second

  • connection to the CLOUD or SERVER
  • no control unit
  • multiple page display
  • identification – card / finger print
  • NFC-compatible devices
  • easy and quick installation
  • optional button settings


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