Security and Surveillance

Smart sensors

Your house is under constant surveillance. Smart sensors can detect a burglar or unexpected water leak, fire, smoke or carbon monoxide. If any of these emergency situations occur, the system immediately responds accordingly. It will send a notification to your phone, flash the lights and raise the blinds for your safe escape. Smart wiring will also notify you if there is a fault in an appliance or if a hotplate is turned on, but it can also close the windows in the event of an approaching storm. You can divide the building into several zones. At night you can only secure the ground floor, for example, and move around the top floor freely. The alarm can be set at several levels, and if it is not turned off, it can also call Integrated Rescue System units.







It reliably detects smoke, triggers an alarm and sends a notification to the server. In the event of a fire, you will receive a notification and the lights will start flashing – this is how the house warns its inhabitants that something is happening. The shading system will pull up to create escape routes. The smart system will also turn the ventilation off to prevent the smoke from spreading further, and your Music server will sound a loud alarm. It can also call for help. The smoke detector is powered by a battery; you can view the status of the detector’s battery at any time in the app. It is most often installed in bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. It is not suitable for workshops and bathrooms.

Reliable detection and immediate notification

  • reliable smoke detection sounds an alarm and sends a notification
  • immediate notification and warning of house inhabitants
  • ventilation automatically switched off to prevent smoke from spreading
  • the loud alarm can call for help
  • the smoke detector is powered by a battery, and the battery status in monitored in the app


A water leak detector protects your home against flooding. It will help you react to a leak in time and minimise damage to your property. The level of water on the floor is monitored by a sensor with a float or a telescopic probe, and if it rises even just a little bit, it immediately triggers an alarm and sends a signal to the electric valves to stop the water flow, minimising the consequences of the leak.


Automatic alarm

  • a detector protects against flooding
  • it reacts to water leaks and minimises damage to property
  • a sensor with a probe monitors the water level
  • automatic alarm in the event of a water leak




Toxic gases can harm our health if inhaled for a long time, but they can also cause an explosion; this is why CO2 sensors that detect high concentrations of carbon monoxide are important. They allow us to respond quickly and prevent a catastrophe. The sensor can detect an emergency situation, send a notification to our phone and open the windows, start the ventilation and sound the alarm. You can remedy the critical situation remotely via the app with one click.

The app allows you to remedy the critical situation remotely

  • a CO2 sensors detects high monoxide levels
  • a notification is immediately sent to your phone
  • windows and the ventilation system are automatically opened, and the alarm is sounded


The alarm can be activated immediately or after a delay of your choice to avoid false alarms. The system will send a notification to your phone with information about where it was triggered, allowing you to cancel the false alarm in time. In the event of a break-in, movement must be detected by at least 2 motion sensors in the house (It is unlikely for only one motion sensor to detect a burglar).


The sensors can detect a burglary 

  • immediately activated alarm at the place it was triggered
  • movement detected by 2 motions sensors in the event of burglary


When you’re away, your home will behave as if you were there and nobody will know your house is empty. Automatic control ensures reliable simulation of your presence. The lights will turn on and off, shading technology will be controlled and your garden will be watered according to your schedule.

Presence simulation

  • automatic control when you’re away
  • radio turns off when TV turns on




When movement is detected in a secured building, you will first receive an immediate notification about the location of the breach. In the second stage, an acoustic alarm will go off in the whole house, then the shading technology will be activated and the lights will start flashing throughout the house. The alarm can also be part of “night mode”; while you sleep, the house monitors the window and door sensors.


Acoustic alarm throughout the house

  • motion detection and immediate notification
  • acoustic alarm throughout the house
  • alarm in night mode




The app always you to monitor your home and see if you have closed the windows, turned off the lights, turned off the stove in the kitchen, or set the heating to energy-saving mode. It also allows you to see who entered your home. Wherever you are, you are always in touch with your property and loved ones. Encrypted communication with in-house software keeps everything completely secure.


Safety first

  • a safe application for your home
  • adjustable heating mode
  • safe communication thanks to smart software




Your home will speak with you, which can be useful in many situations. The system can read notifications, making sure you never forget your washed laundry in the machine, or to close the entrance gate.
Your home can also read messages, such as recommendations to ventilate the room when the CO2 level rises, or warn you of an approaching storm.

Automatic notifications

  • a system that can read notifications (washed laundry, entrance gate)
  • notification of adverse weather
  • recommendations to ventilate a room when CO2 levels rise


EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION – When you are away from home all day or longer, your house is being surveilled.
If something unusual is going on in your home, the system will send a notification to your phone. The sensors respond to unusual movement, water, smoke, high CO2 levels in the air and temperature.  Smart wiring can alert you even when a hob is switched on, or when there is a fault in an appliance. The system will also automatically inform you if you forgot to close the garage door or turn the alarm on.

FOOTAGE – You can watch footage from your cameras or intercom in the app wherever you are.


Surveillance with cameras

  • automatic notifications of unusual behaviour in the house
  • sensors detecting motion, water and high CO2 levels
  • smart wiring can alert you of faults in an appliance
  • application for monitoring cameras – constant surveillance




If you’re home alone and you don’t feel safe, or if you suspect there is an unwanted guest in your house, just press the Panic button, which will trigger an alarm. When you press this button, all the lights in the house will start to flash and music will start playing. You can also set it to automatically call or send a message to a certain number.


The button works as an alarm

  • if you suspect an unwanted visitor in your house, press the PANIC button
  • functional alarm, flashing lights, music
  • automatic call or message sent to a specific number




You can secure the house via the app or with the leaving button; when you leave home, simply triple-click the leaving button. This will automatically secure your house.

House security

  • secure your home with the leaving button
  • automatic house security


Whether you’re at work or on holiday, with a CCTV and intercom system you will always know what’s happening. You can watch what’s going on in your home and around it live in the app at any time. If a camera is stolen or damaged, all your footage will be safety backed up on servers.


An application for surveillance 

  • safe CCTV system, whether you’re at work or on holiday
  • the app allows you to watch live footage from your home and around it
  • secure footage backup


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