About us

We provide services in the field of information technology security

Infinite Solution a.s. was founded in 2017.  The company draws on its rich experience along with an innovative approach to modern technologies.

We’re a stable team of experts and specialists that applies its long-term experience from multinational corporations.

Our specialists provide comprehensive products and services, supporting all phases of the life cycle of implemented solutions and providing subsequent service support.

Our company’s mission is the provision of services in the fields of information technology security, system integration, implementation of security solutions, IT management with high added value, and the long-term satisfaction of our customers.


Leave technology matters to us

The company’s primary activities consist in the assembly, repair, revision and testing of electrical equipment; production, installation and repair of electrical machines and devices; electronic and telecommunications equipment; and technical services for the protection of people and property.

Primary activities

  • Comprehensive project design and implementation of security and automation systems
  • IT management (security and network infrastructure)
  • System integration
  • Implementation of security solutions and IS management
  • Project, coordination and consultation services
  • System design and installation with subsequent maintenance and revision
  • Creation of project documentation
  • Professional user training

Our values

“We respond flexibly to the specific needs of our customers. The basis of our know-how is formed by capable people and their knowledge, skills, competence and courage, which we effectively link across all of our disciplines and activities with the aim of providing qualitatively better solutions and succeeding.”


We apply our core values in all our activities


We know what we’re capable of and we get things done. We’re fast and flexible. We’re not afraid to make and apply decisions, implement changes or even abandon unpromising decisions, but we do so with the aim of maximising benefits and minimising negative impacts. This is a rational fearlessness, confidence and the art of taking healthy risks.


We’re a competent team in terms of professionalism, qualifications and personality. Our decision-making is based on experience and professionalism in all sectors and at all levels of management. We can connect experts from different fields.


We behave responsibly, fairly and transparently in accordance with ethical rules and the good reputation of the company and the people in it. We take responsibility for our decisions in all our activities and accept the consequences of these decisions.


We develop services with qualitatively better parameters taking into account the specifics of individual industries and customer needs. We aim to provide competitive solutions with added value for our business partners with a positive impact on the environment, civil society and the economy.

Our primary goals


We afford all our employees and customers respect and dignity with regard to what they do and who they are. We treat everyone as our equals.


Protection of the environment is one of our primary goals. We behave responsibly as a company and conduct our activities in a way that protects the environment in compliance with applicable regulations. We strive to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment and for sustainable development and optimisation of natural resource use. We actively educate our employees in this area and comply with applicable regulations. We motivate all our employees, business partners and the general public to actively contribute to environmental protection beyond the requirements of applicable regulations.


In December 2021, international organization Ecovadis evaluated our activities in the area of socially responsible business (CSR). The world’s largest sustainability assessment provider awarded Infinite Solution a.s. a bronze medal.

We are proud that we were able to keep our bronze medal in 2023, which is proof of our commitment to creating a better sustainable future.

Since its establishment in 2007, EcoVadis has grown to become the largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability assessments in the world, creating a global network of over 100,000+ assessed companies. Over 1.6 million companies from all over the world have been tested, while only 6% of those tested have received an award.

The EcoVadis methodology covers 21 criteria in four areas – environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. The resulting analysis summarizes our strengths and weaknesses in terms of our sustainability and social responsibility policies, activities and achievements. The methodology is based on international CSR standards, including the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact and ISO 26000.


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