Multi-room Audio system


Sound system for gardens and terraces, saunas and swimming pools

You don’t just have to have perfect sound in your living room and music room. With outdoor speaker systems you can easily set up a sound system on your terrace, pergola or entire garden.
In addition to gardens and terraces, you can also install speakers in your sauna and around your outdoor or indoor swimming pool, where the same technology is installed depending on the operating conditions.
Outdoor spaces are a completely different listening environment than what you are used to at home, because there are usually many more disturbing elements in the garden such as wind, traffic, barking dogs, etc., including the weather.
This is why outdoor sound systems must meet several requirements – particularly intelligibility of music and speech and sufficient dynamics at any volume, without drawing too much attention and disturbing the surrounding area. For a dynamic sound, you must choose speakers with a good frequency response in the lower band (around 60 Hz). If you choose speakers with a poor frequency response, we recommend adding a subwoofer.

Outdoor speakers have increased resistance to all weather conditions, be it frost, rain or strong sunlight.
You can choose between classic wall-mounted speakers, unconventional in-ground speakers, or speakers hidden away in flower beds and planters.

There are two options for connecting speakers

  • via Bluetooth

All you need to do is pair the speakers with a smartphone, tablet or laptop and we can start streaming music to the speakers. This takes care of the amplification and the music source without complicated cabling.

  • via Wi-Fi connection

This opens up unprecedented possibilities for playing music from local, network and Internet storage and services, including Internet radio. But you can also stream music from many other systems and applications, i.e. from a computer, NAS, network storage, tablet, smartphone with Android, iOS, Windows and other systems.


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