A security system is undoubtedly very important. whether it is a part of a standard electronic security system that protects the building against breaking and entering, a fire system, CCTV system or presence monitoring system on the grounds, it is all integrated into a single control environment through a control system with remote access and immediate notifications sent to the user or the alarm receiving centre.

The security system is most important

  • a security system that guards the building and prevents breaking and entering
  • a security system that monitors the fire protection system
  • a security system that monitors CCTV surveillance or the presence monitoring on the grounds
  • a single control environment with remote access and immediate notification sent to the user


Protection against fire and leaking water. Smoke detectors, flood sensors and temperature sensors ensure continuous monitoring of living spaces. Residents are immediately notified of impending danger, e.g. in a mobile application.

Sensors that constantly monitor your safety

  • sensors providing protection against fire and leaking water
  • continuous monitoring of living spaces
  • residents are immediately notified of impending danger


CCTV systems are used to monitor both outdoor and indoor areas. The system usually consists of fixed and rotating cameras that can either work in fully automatic mode, or be controlled by a building security officer.

This system is a supplement to the protection of persons and property. It does not provide direct protection, it is merely a tool for detecting and monitoring a potential danger, or to identify danger or property loss.

Modern camera systems allow connection to LAN/WAN networks. A user with sufficient access rights can connect to the system remotely and watch the camera footage in real time, watch a recording, or remotely control the entire device.

The systems are either classified as Analog or IP Digital depending on the technology used for sensing and distributing the signal. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages. The most commonly used system today is the IP CCTV system, both for financial reasons and due to additional functions, availability and technical feasibility.

Protection of persons and property

  • monitoring of outdoor and indoor areas.
  • the system protections persons and property
  • a tool for detecting and monitoring a potential danger, or to identify danger or property loss
  • CCTV systems allow remote monitoring of both real time and recorded footage
  • Analog and IP Digital signal distribution



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