Modern irrigation systems

A smart system gives you the desired control over your garden. It can monitor soil moisture, the state of the retention tank and the weather forecast and adapt irrigation accordingly. Modern irrigation systems make sure gardens have sufficient moisture, they are economical and they save your energy.
You can keep your garden growing in the smart app wherever you are.




Automatic irrigation in a smart home isn’t just about starting the sprinklers every day at a certain time. By syncing your sprinklers with a weather app, you can cross watering off your garden chore list. Input parameters include information about soil moisture, current wind speed, and the weather forecast. The garden irrigation system predicts what the weather will be like and activates in hot weather to prevent the soil from drying out.


Optimal moisture is essential for perfect plant growth. The duration and intensity of irrigation are most important.
A smart sensor measures the temperature and moisture of the soil in your garden, thereby optimising irrigation and saving water. Measuring soil moisture serves is the most reliable indicator of whether irrigation is needed or not. Surface moisture and rainfall do not necessarily correspond to the amount of irrigation needed. The sensor reliably detects soil moisture and starts irrigation when it is truly needed.


  • CONFIGURATION OF IRRIGATION TIME – You don’t have to write anything down in your notes, the smart app will do all the work for you! Everything under control: schedule when your lawn needs mowing, your plants need watering and more remotely from anywhere.
  • RESPONSE TO WEATHER – WEATHER STATION – The amount of precipitation is measured and this information is used to control the irrigation system. The weather station can adapt irrigation to the weather forecast. If it’s going to rain, the irrigation valve will remain closed to save water, naturally protecting plants and the environment.


Advantages of automation

  • a sensor measures the temperature and soil moisture
  • optimises irrigation and saves water
  • the sensor activates the irrigation system


Many regions have been struggling with water shortages in recent years. A rainwater retention tank is the perfect way to prepare the garden for long periods of drought. You can use the water from the retention tank to water your garden or even flush your toilet. When combined with smart technology, the current water level is always monitored. If it falls below a critical level, the pump in the retention tank is automatically switched off to prevent damage by air intake.
You can currently apply for subsidies from the subsidy programme.
The ‘Dešťovka’ (Rainwater tank) subsidy is for owners or builders of houses and apartment buildings to help them utilise rainwater and wastewater in the home and in the garden.

Rainwater utilisation

  • maximum use of the retention tank in the dry season
  • irrigating the garden or flushing the toilet
  • when combined with smart technology, the current water level is always monitored
  • ‘Dešťovka’ (Rainwater tank) subsidy for owners or builders of houses and apartment buildings


Take care of your garden wherever you are with our easy-to-use Smart app. Everything is under your control and you can remotely schedule lawn mowing and garden irrigation, or view the current status of the retention tank and water consumption statistics.

Smart application

  • take care of your garden with an app
  • remote control and monitoring
  • lawn mowing, irrigation, current retention tank status
  • water consumption statistics


Robotic lawn mowers are becoming increasingly popular in Czech gardens. They have several advantages: they save time, they improve the appearance of your lawn and they are quiet. A robotic lawn mower makes caring for your lawn easier and more efficient.
Programme your mower to mow your lawn on a chosen day when you are away. Now your children and animals can run around the freshly cut grass carefree, and you can listen to the birds singing instead of the noise of the lawn mower. You don’t have to worry about maintenance either. The lawn mower uses a preset programme and charges itself.

Advantages of a robotic lawn mower 

  • it saves time and improves the appearance of your lawn
  • caring for your lawn becomes easier and more efficient
  • you can programme the mower to work on a day when you are away
  • the lawn mower uses a preset programme and charges itself


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