Meals management module




Designed for managing orders and delivery of food in company canteens, office buildings, schools and other catering establishments. It is in charge of billing meals and, when combined with the monthly attendance report, it allows you to clearly check claims for meal allowances according to working hours.
Option to set costs, selling prices of meals and various parameters for individual dishes (e.g. ingredients, allergens, etc.).
Comfortable ordering online or in a mobile app.


  • service terminals
  • ordering terminal
  • ordering kiosk
  • cash desk – properties of cash desk



Module advantages

Module advantages

  • control with a keyboard, mouse or touchscreen
  • connection of multiple users at once from different computers and networks
  • identification of diners with a fingerprint or contactless card
  • option to limit the rights of different users
  • simple and clear settings
  • customers can pay in different currencies
  • connection to a cash drawer, receipt printer and barcode reader
  • option to cancel a product or receipt
  • customer discount cards, coupons, setting discount prices
  • product search between barcodes and item codes


Automated lunch or dinner orders and service in corporate catering establishments. Cashless payments by employee card.

Full connection to the attendance system

  • a modern way of ordering meals via web or mobile phone
  • meal tickets and cash payment
  • suitable for meals delivered by external suppliers
  • connection to the attendance system to calculate allowance entitlement
  • food exchange, including the option of delivery by colleagues
  • reduced administration costs

Module properties

  • export of meal prices to payroll systems
  • meals provided according to working hours
  • diner identification by fingerprint or card
  • a single identifier for all systems
  • different levels of meal allowances
  • option of cash payment for external staff
  • connection to drink vending machines
  • ingredient, allergen and nutrition fact information
  • orders via web, mobile phone or kiosk
  • option to order meals for multiple canteens
  • food exchange and delivery by colleagues
  • easy control with touch terminals




You can use a mobile app to order or cancel meals from anywhere. This allows you to order a meal to another branch, or cancel your order from home if you get sick. The application has many practical functions.

Application advantages

  • available menus and orders for several days ahead
  • highlighted orders
  • available prices, ingredients, allergens and photographs of meals
  • option to order one or more portions for a given day
  • option to place orders in meal exchange
  • meals can be picked up from the exchange or a colleague
  • overview of all orders in a month
  • current account balance for purchased meals


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