Loan items



The Loan module enables electronic issuance and clear record-keeping of loaned items, such as keys, work aids, production equipment, phones and other items.
A contactless identifier of items (pendant, sticker) or the borrower (card/chip) speeds up the loan and return process. The Loan module can be used in production processes, warehouses, service centres and facility management.

Contactless identification of items (pendant, sticker) or the borrower (card/chip) speed up the loan and return process

  • contactless or manual records of people and objects
  • loan period settings and email notification of its expiry
  • option to define lists/groups of items
  • tools, keys, production equipment, work aids, cars, telephones, personal property
  • for warehouses, service centres, production processes, facility management, etc.

Module properties

  • electronic records of loaned items
  • Email notifications of loan expiry
  • definition of loan period
  • loan status tracking
  • contactless identifiers
  • definition of user groups


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