Attendance system



Get a comprehensive company solution. Save time and costs. Build a records system exactly according to your requirements that will run on your server.
You can also rent a virtual server on the Microsoft Azure platform. You will save costs for hardware and an IT specialist, regular backups and application upgrades.

Quick processing of attendance data, including automatic data preparation for payroll software. Online version for small businesses.


Tailor-made records system

  • clear division of people according to centre, workplace and work units
  • ability to set up your own folders and accounts of working hours according to internal regulations
  • monitoring breaks between shifts
  • supplemental wages, overtime, meal vouchers and benefits
  • planning shifts and on-call schedules
  • cost allocation for cost centres
  • employee data import, LDAP


User licences
Access set up via an application or the web, login according to the network domain, automatic logout after a period of inactivity, option to take over users from the active directory, user right setup (only selected persons and their selected data are seen and edited pursuant to the GDPR)

Basic human resource management
Management of an optional amount of data and division of employees or other persons according to their position, job and type of employment (permanent employment, agreement to perform work, agreement to complete a job, part-time jobs), storage of personal documents

Training records
Possibility of detailed records of employee education according to job classification, definition of different types of training (mandatory, required, periodic, optional), assignment of training sessions according to an employee’s current position, notification of missed and ending training

Employee activities
Keeping an agenda for medical examinations, issuing personal aids, paying various allowances, handing out identification cards and other definable activities according to the organization’s internal needs

Individual attendance settings and evaluation
Working hour settings for groups and individual workers (calendars, models, payroll files) according to job classification, a worker’s assignment to another position and attendance calculation throughout the month

Hourly wages and rewards
Automatic conversion of hourly working time into money and entering monthly individual rewards for managers, including the export of these values to payroll software

Monitoring the number of hours of legal overtime, including approval of extra hours, automatic notification of the manager of the approaching end of the established limit

Time periods
Monthly, weekly, annual or periodic attendance calculation with a defined length of the period, e.g. 4 týdny

Leave balance and exhaustion
Possibility to manually enter or import annual leave and sick days, monitoring of ongoing use and balances of these components

Error notification
Graphic user notification of non-compliance with mandatory shift parameters (late arrivals and departures, non-compliance with set number of working hours), blocking of working time account closure due to non-fulfillment of the set number of working hours

Business trips and timesheets
Keeping track of time spent on domestic business trips, option for the employee to manually fill out reports, including the option to fill out a record of the work performed, calculation of compensation for the number of hours spent on the trip, including the VAT reduction coefficient

Transfers and exhaustion of leave
E.g. balance, time off in lieu between months, setting the balance period

Evaluation and account closures
Two-stage approval and working time account closure, additional approval of absences (doctor), overviews and print reports for selected centres, workplaces, data exports to XLS and other formats

Visual form for monitoring various trends in wage components for selected periods (sick leave, taken leave)

Mobile attendance
Record of attendance in the field through a mobile app, GPS localization, displaying the position of an employee when recording attendance in Google Maps

Requests and approval of actions
Workflow where subordinates can use a web client to create their own requests for absences and other actions, and send them to their supervisor for approval, email notification of the request and approval process, approved actions are automatically saved in monthly attendance

Employment relationship support
Setting up multiple employment relationship allows you to enter multiple employment relationships for one person; each one can have limited validity and a different supervisor; the user switches to the relevant employment relationship when logging in for attendance; they can set their own attendance regulations for different employment relationships, which are used to calculate attendance and planned absences; data from attendance sensors (entries) are only evaluated for permanent employment; you can set automatic calculations according to the calendar in other employment relationships, and enter or plan absences.

Option to use multiple custom export module formats for different payroll software

Custom reports
If specific data needs to be displayed for managers or payroll accountants, custom data reports can be easily added to the software according to the customer’s definition; the reports can be displayed depending on user rights, and data can be exported to xls formats

System advantages

  • user licences via app or web, user right settings
  • management of an optional amount of data and division of employees or other persons according to their job classification and type of employment
  • employee training records according to the type of training
  • medical examinations, issued aids, allowances, exporting attendance to payroll software
  • employee activity management
  • setting working hours for groups and individuals
  • hourly wages and bonuses
  • overtime monitoring
  • attendance calculation
  • business trip records and timesheets
  • transfers and exhaustion of leave – time off in lieu
  • working time account closure and working hour evaluation
  • graphic depiction of wage components and their monitoring
  • attendance record in app – GPS localization, Google Maps
  • requests and approvals – absence and other personal requests
  • support of employment relationships
  • wages
  • custom reports for specific data of managers and business owners


The mobile version of the attendance system is intended for companies that mostly employ workers in the field. It can also be useful when a company wants to share information with employees about their attendance and who is present at the workplace on their via mobile phone, or allow them to remotely control company devices or any other electronic device.
Mobile attendance records eliminate the need for an attendance terminal, which is usually associated with a higher cost of acquisition. In the mobile system, the terminal can be fully replaced by any smartphone with Android, iOS or Windows system.

Attendance records via mobile phone or PC
Employees can record when they start work, their arrival at the customer’s site, departure from the customer and arrival at the head office via mobile phone. Each record contains a GPS coordinate, allowing verification of the location where the record was made. The attendance system can also be easily operated via a web client.

Easy and intuitive app control
Fast, simple and intuitive data entry. Date outputs are easy to read and immediately available to managers. Employees download an app in which they can use the standard attendance functions in a clear interface.

Data export to Excel, PDF and other formats
The mobile attendance system also includes a web client that cooperates with payroll and HR systems. It can receive information about employees from these systems and send them attendance data. All report outputs can be saved in the most commonly used formats (.pdf, .xls, .rtf and .csv).

Records of arrivals and departures from anywhere
Employees can use their mobile phones to record when they start work, their arrival at the customer’s site, departure from the customer and arrival at the head office from anywhere with an Internet connection. Each record contains a GPS coordinate, allowing verification of the location where the record was made.

Possibility of automatic synchronization with the payroll SW
The mobile attendance system can be automatically synchronized with other company software. The system enables automatic connection to the payroll and HR systems.

Remote control of devices from a mobile phone
With this system, you will be able to quickly and easily open the front door at the other end of the company’s grounds, or the entrance gate of a foreign branch, from your mobile phone. The mobile app with the addition of the eXpander module allows you to control whatever you need from anywhere.

Mobile client

  • mobile attendance record
  • GPS localization of records with connection to Google Maps
  • record of beginning and end of working hours
  • record of business trips
  • calculation of travel allowances
  • display of the current monthly attendance report
  • definition of work activities
  • order number records
  • monitoring of persons present at the workplace
  • remote control of selected devices
  • CLOUD and SERVER app version
  • mobile client including web client




An attendance system on a tablet is suitable for companies with simple operations that are looking for a cost-effective solution for keeping electronic records of their employees’ working hours. The tablet app will turn an ordinary tablet into a fully functional attendance terminal.
With a tablet, the app functions as an attendance terminal for recording the attendance of all employees. Any breaks in working hours can be entered the same way as with a regular attendance terminal. The app is very easy to install; once you log in, you can start using it immediately. The tablet application is intended for collective employee attendance records on a tablet with OS Android 4.0 and higher. Users identify themselves with an entry code or card (card identification is only possible on tablets with NFC technology). The application can be easily adapted to your own requirements on a regular PC via the web application.

Wireless attendance terminal system
The attendance app uses the modern technologies available on your tablet. Tablet terminals are mobile, so you can take them with you. You can use them on a Wi-Fi network or with mobile data.

Identification with an entry code or card
Users identify themselves on the tablet with an entry code or an NFC card. Card identification is only possible on tablets with NFC technology.

Custom workspace
The user can choose the appearance and location of individual buttons on the display in the tablet app, as well as the language for the buttons (Czech, Slovak, English).

GPS localization of records
GPS localization of records with connection to Google Maps can be set up in the tablet app. This allows you to verify where a specific record was made in a personal report (this is useful if you don’t have the tablet in a fixed location, such as by the front door).

Working with attendance via a web browser
You can see everything in real time on your PC from anywhere via a regular web browser. Statistics and records for the last 24 months are available online (hours worked per day, month, year, etc.).

Records of work breaks on a tablet
If you don’t want to invest in an attendance terminal, you can get a tablet app that functions as an attendance terminal when connected to the system, and which employees can use to record work breaks.

Online app

  • record of employee attendance
  • record of beginning and end of working hours
  • record of business trips
  • display of the current monthly attendance report
  • display of employee attendance data
  • definition of work activities
  • user definable work break diagram
  • GPS localization of records with connection to Google Maps
  • language versions (Czech, Slovak, English)


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