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Indoor climate

A smart home knows that every room should have its own climate, not just in terms of temperature, but also air quality. But how can you make sure you won’t have one room that is too hot and another that is too cold, causing you to run from one room letting expensive heat out?

A smart self-learning system can be controlled remotely, but you can also use basic settings and leave everything up to automation and previous experience. Just select the optimal temperature at the required time for each room and the system will maintain the temperature itself. It also works in symbiosis with other technologies to make heating costs as low as possible. This eliminates the need to start up expensive air conditioning or heating just to change the temperature by a few degrees, the heat recovery system or shading technology will take care of it.

An intelligent self-learning system can be set according to your temperature and humidity requirements in each room for certain times, and then you let automation take care of the rest. The heating can also be regulated remotely via the app, so you can set the temperature in the house before you even get home.

You can control the boiler or heat pump remotely, but you can also use basic settings and leave everything to automation. It is best to choose the optimal temperature for each room at a required time, because the system will maintain this temperature by itself. It also makes sure your heating costs are as low as possible.

Smart boilers that inform the user of his weekly consumption of domestic hot water, etc., and can significantly reduce energy consumption on the basis of this data, are also available.





Each room in the house should have a different temperature and humidity. The temperature of each room is controlled separately in your smart home. You can set the required temperature for each room and time period yourself, and the system will automatically turn on heating or cooling depending on the current conditions in each room.

Separate regulation for each room

  • separate temperature regulation for each room
  • temperature regulation for different time periods


It regulates the temperature in the house based on indoor and outdoor temperatures and previous experience. It integrates smart heating, air conditioning and heat recovery and works together with shading technology. This saves your costs and the environment.

Saves costs

  • shading
  • ventilation
  • heating
  • air conditioning


In the event of a fire, the system detects a sudden increase in the temperature in the house. A notification is sent to the application and the air supply is automatically blocked – ventilation and air conditioning are turned off

Automatic notification

  • automatic notifications of increased temperature in the house
  • automatic disabling of ventilation and air conditioning


Automatic functions of electric window control help you achieve optimal indoor comfort, but they can also prevent potential damage. Open windows allow you to ventilate the house and supply fresh air, helping to maintain optimal humidity and your desired comfort. After you air out, the windows will automatically close. As soon as the system detects an open window, the heating in the room is automatically lowered to prevent heat loss.
The safety function also ensures that the windows are closed in the event of rain and adverse weather.

Automatic window control 

  • automatic control of electric windows
  • optimal humidity and fresh air supply
  • the windows will automatically close after you air out
  • the safety function closes the windows in adverse weather


In your absence, the house will maintain the temperature and wait for your return to welcome you with a pleasant temperature and fresh air.

Protection against break-ins

  • optional setup in absence mode
  • temperature or fresh air settings


WEEKLY PROGRAM – REGULATION RULES – The weekly program is used to automatically switch the required temperatures in each room for different hours and days of the week, i.e. between modes when you are at home and the absence mode. Set your weekly plan according to your schedule easily with the application.

STATISTICS – The application contains information about indoor and outdoor temperatures and energy savings.

FAULT NOTIFICATION – A notification sent to the application in the event of a technical issue with one of the technologies, e.g. if it discovers a problem with the pressure in the system, or if the system does not have sufficient heating power.

MAINTENANCE – The system will notify you of regular maintenance dates.

Easy rule settings

  • adjustable modes throughout the week
  • presence and absence modes
  • energy saving statistics
  • automatic notifications of technical issues
  • regular system maintenance reminders


The app allows you to remotely monitor and adjust the temperature from anywhere. Are you going to your vacation home and you forgot to turn off the heating? That’s not a problem with the app. You can switch off the heating from the app, and turn it back on before you get back from your vacation.

Advantages of the app

  • remote temperature settings
  • presence and absence modes
  • energy saving statistics
  • automatic notifications of technical issues
  • regular system maintenance reminders


Since the system is always looks for the most economical solution (it uses smart shading, which is more energy efficient, before turning on air conditioning) and your home is optimised according to your daily programme and its automation (a lower temperature is maintained in your absence), your costs will be 30% lower. You can monitor your consumption in the app.

Lower housing expenses

  • the system always looks for the most economical solution
  • optimisation according to your daily programme and automation (maintains lower temperature in your absence)
  • up to 30% lower costs
  • consumption monitoring in app


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