Perfect conditions for crop growth

Greenhouses make it possible to provide almost perfect conditions for crops to grow at virtually any time of the year. This makes crop yield independent of the weather and much higher than when grown outdoors. However, it is necessary to ensure optimal conditions for growth in greenhouses, i.e. the correct temperature, humidity, intensity and duration of light, ventilation and more.
Smart technologies connected to a central unit detect the current conditions in the greenhouse, allowing you to decide on the next course of cultivation based on this data, but the system can maintain perfect conditions itself without any outside interference. Smart technologies can therefore manage the entire operation of greenhouses completely autonomously.
Moisture sensors only trigger irrigation when needed; lights in a preset colour spectrum turn on when there’s not enough sunlight, the windows close when it starts to rain and open again when it stops. A greenhouse controlled by smart technologies always results in a perfect harvest with a high yield and flavourful, high-quality crops.

A control unit is the core of a smart greenhouse, with sensors for temperature and humidity, soil moisture and other auxiliary devices connected to it. The control unit is connected to a Wi-Fi network, giving the user gets remote access from anywhere in the world. But it’s not complicated at all, even beginners can find their way around the easy-to-use interface on a computer, tablet or phone.

Perfect conditions for growth are undoubtedly the most important factor for a rich harvest. A smart greenhouse solves all these problems for the user. Simply select the desired temperature or moisture ranges and the control unit will create them by controlling the windows, fan, heater or irrigation system.

A mist hose is an interesting new element. Imagine a hot summer day. Your plants have enough water, but their leaves are still droopy. Why? The air in the greenhouse is too dry and the plants can’t cope with it. The mist hose will maintain the required humidity while also pleasantly cooling the greenhouse.

A smart greenhouse also helps combat drought on two fronts. Thanks to soil moisture sensors, the crops are only watered when necessary to avoid wasting water. The user can also easily connect the irrigation system to rainwater.

Greenhouse options

  • lighting
  • heating
  • ventilation
  • CO2 dosing
  • water heating
  • irrigation
  • dehumidification
  • humidification
  • refilling
  • timer


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