Heating and Cooling



Thermal comfort is guaranteed throughout the building in each room in the summer and winter. The user simply sets the desired temperature in the weekly schedule for each room, and the system automatically takes care of the thermal comfort of the whole building. It uses heating and cooling sources optimally based on the current needs of the users, source options and weather conditions.

The control system not only ensures thermal comfort throughout the building, it also makes sure the heating source is working optimally. If the sun is shining, it uses the sunlight by tilting the blind slats and also by switching the heating source for domestic hot water to a solar system. Based on the current weather conditions, the control system switches between the available heating sources, whether it is a heat pump, heat recovery, an air conditioning unit or residual heat from the fireplace.

Like the described heating regulation system, the cooling system and switching between sources based on current requirements and possibilities are used to achieve thermal comfort in each room, especially in the summer. For example, we can effectively use ground source boreholes for passive cooling of the building, while also ensuring the regeneration of groundwater resources.

The system switches between available heating sources based on current weather conditions

  • automatic shading has a number of functions
  • extracting heat from sunlight
  • preventing overheating in the house during the summer
  • automatic function to switch on the light at dusk or lower the blinds when you leave
  • blind protection – the weather station allows the building to automatically react to a storm or fros


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