Protect your awning or pergola with a wind and rain sensor; you don’t have to do anything! The sensor automatically instructs the motor to extend the awning/pergola.

Your awning/pergola connected to a solar sensor automatically closes or opens to keep your terrace comfortable at all times, whether you’re having lunch or enjoying a long summer evening.

Advantages of automation

  • wind sensor that automatically extends the awning/pergola
  • solar sensor that automatically closes or opens the awning/pergola


Make the most of your terrace and create the right atmosphere with voice commands. You can also activate a scene with one click in the mobile app. If you don’t have your phone at hand, you can also do it with smart control.

Smart control

  • voice commands
  • activate a scene in the mobile app


It started raining and your awning is still extended? You can retract the awning with one click in your smartphone wherever you are.

Remote control

  • close the awning when the weather changes


Motorized awnings are the first step to a more comfortable and practical life at your home. Awnings don’t just provide shade, they also decorate your house, balcony or terrace. Robust and visually pleasing aluminium structures ensure a long service life. You can choose from a wide range of resistant materials, fabrics and colours. Depending on your chosen model, you can choose to protect the fabric from bad weather with a cover. Awnings can be attached to the wall or ceiling, or they can be freestanding. They cannot create a closed space, that’s what pergolas are for.
Controlling awnings is very simple. They are generally operated with a crank. It is more convenient to operate large awnings with motor control with a switch or remote control; when connected to a smart home, you can simply tap on a screen.
We recommend using sun and wind sensors to protect your terrace awning and make it more comfortable. The sun sensor automatically closes or opens the awning to make sure your terrace is always comfortable and prevent the sun from beating down on you. The wind sensor automatically retracts the awning in strong wind to prevent damage.


Advantages of motorized awnings 

  • Cassette awning
    The awning cover, also called a cassette, can be completely closed. This perfectly protects your awning from wind and rain. The arms of the awning are also completely covered.
  • Semi-cassette awning
    When the awning is retracted, the awning fabric is hidden under the top of the cover, while the folding arms remain outside the cassette. The cassette is (partially) opened at the bottom.
  • Awning with a valance
    In addition to the central fabric, this awning with a folding arm has a little curtain that hangs down. This is a second fabric with its own motor on the front frame. This fabric can be used separately for additional protection from light and heat on your terrace and at home.
  • Open electric awning
    In an open awning, the fabric and folding arms are exposed to the weather. This type of awning can be placed under an overhanging roof to protect it from the weather.


Create a large outdoor area where you can hide from the sun or light rain. Perhaps you already have a suitable structure to place the canopy under. Canopies can be extended horizontally, but they can also shade the surface of a slanted transparent roof.
A canopy is suspended shading installed on pergolas or other outdoor structures. Light outdoor canopies can be placed under a glass or polycarbonate roof, but we can also provide more robust versions for structures without a roof. In this case, the canopy is like a rain-resistant retractable roof, like the roof of a convertible.
The canopy perfectly adapts to the structure or pergola it is installed on. It provides protection against the sun. They have an electric drive and can be comfortably controlled in the app.

Advantages of a canopy

  • it can be extended horizontally, but it can also shade the surface of a slanted transparent roof
  • a canopy is like a rain-resistant retractable roof, like the roof of a convertible
  • it provides protection against the sun
  • it has an electric drive and can be comfortably controlled in the app


Enjoy more time spent in the fresh air under your smart pergola. A motorized pergola is the first step to a more pleasant and comfortable life at home. Connect the pergola to your smart home and create scenes for every occasion (lounging, barbecues, parties).
Automate any type of pergola with drives and sensors. Choose a pergola with motorized fabric or a bioclimatic pergola with adjustable tilting slats.
Control the slats or fabric roof from the comfort of a lounger with a remote control, mobile app or compatible voice assistant. Sun, wind and rain sensors will protect your pergola and terrace furniture.

A wind or rain sensor combined with a motor adapts the positions of the slats or fabric on the pergola to the current weather.

Whether there is strong wind or rain, your pergola is protected against damage.

If your pergola is right next to the facade of your house, it can also effectively protect it against overheating. The louvres close in the summer to keep the house pleasantly cool and reduce air conditioning costs.

In the winter months the tilting slats adjust to allow light to enter the house and heat the interior. This saves heating costs.

Tell your compatible voice assistant to start the ‘evening party’ scene and your devices will get moving: the pergola slats will close, the blinds will close, the lights will come on and music will start playing.

You can also activate scenes in the app on your smartphone.


Safe monitoring

  • Pergolas with retractable slats
    The slats can be completely folded to the side. Get an unobstructed view of the night sky from your terrace, or go tanning during the day. When the pergola is closed, you will have a waterproof cover over your head. Lighting, side glass panels or screen blinds will enhance your experience and extend the season. Electric control simplifies handling.
  • Pergolas with tilting slats
    Imagine being able to control the amount of sunlight that falls on your terrace easily and conveniently with remote control or in an app that can tilt the mobile slats on your pergola. If you close the slats and the sides of the pergola with blinds or sliding glass panels, you can even use your terrace in bad weather, because it is resistant to rain and wind. Rain or sun intensity sensors are the most common optional equipment.
  • Pergolas with a fabric roof
    A mobile fabric roof provides pleasant shade, and suitable fabrics can also protect against heavy rain. Your pergola roof can be made from a resistant fabric or PVC. Depending on the type of fabric, it can protect against the sun or rain. The sides of the pergola can also be equipped with fabric screens. LED strips with remote control are used as additional lighting in this type of pergola. The textile roof can be installed in rough openings or under unroofed pergolas. They are controlled with an electric drive and smart control or an app.
  • Pergolas with a glass roof
    The pergola roof can be made of glass or polycarbonate. The sides of the pergola can be equipped with fabric screens that protect against wind and provide privacy. Integrated lights, most often LED strips, can help create the right atmosphere. The screens and lights are controlled by remote control or in an app.


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